Guelb Lehdej iron ore project

On July 6, 2014, TRS obtained an extension on the exploration permit number 1024 for iron in the Guelb Lehdej vicinity about 25 km from the mining city of Zouerate.

The total area of this permit is 791 km2. Some preliminary work has already been carried out by BHP Billiton in 2003.

TRS has already paid for some exploration tasks including Aeromagnetic and Radiometric surveys, data modeling and interpretation…etc. with some encouraging results.

Bofal Phosphate mine

The BOFAL mine was discovered in the 1970s and has been studied exhaustively by several major international experts such as BRGM, SNIM and SNC LAVALIN.
MSP holds today a full license to exploit with all the necessary authorizations including customs and tax regime to start the export of the ore.
The project involves the operation of a large deposit of phosphate identified since the 1970 whith potential estimated at 165 million tons. In initial phase, the project will produce 4 million tons of crude ore, 1.7 million concentrated rock phosphates. In a second phase the project will diversify its production to export of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers.

Other opportunities

Tayssir Resources S.A.A. is in charge of promoting several mining projects, some of which are in the exploration phase and others in the exploitation phase. Contacxtez nous pour plus d’information